How To Stop Groundwater Seepage In Pool

How To Stop Groundwater Seepage In Pool [Explained]

Groundwater seepage occurs when water from the ground makes its way into your pool. With it, it carries all kinds of dirt and bacteria that can make your pool unsanitary and allows algae to thrive, affecting your water chemistry.

If you have this problem, you may be wondering: how do I stop groundwater seepage in my pool? To fix it, you will first need to understand exactly what is causing this issue in your pool.

In this article, we will explain what groundwater seepage is and what it means for the structural integrity of your inground pool. We will also cover how to stop groundwater seepage in pools and talk about when outside help may be necessary.

What is Groundwater Seepage?

Groundwater seepage in an inground pool occurs when the shell and lining of your pool have been breached, allowing water from the ground to enter your pool. This condition is structurally identical to a pool leak, except the water is flowing in the opposite direction.

Just like other pool leaks, groundwater seepage is a serious issue that must often be fixed by a professional. There are at-home leak repair kits available, but groundwater seepage can be more difficult to patch using these kits than normal leaks due to the direction of flow.

Can You Fix Groundwater Seepage Yourself?

Groundwater seepage is difficult to repair yourself. It cannot be approached using typical leak detection and repair methods, but there are some solutions that you can attempt.

Locating the areas where groundwater seepage is entering your pool is more convoluted than detecting normal pool leaks. Many leak detection measures, such as dye syringe tests, rely on water flowing out of your pool as a visual cue and do not work as well with groundwater seepage.

Many at-home repair kits for leaks will also not work in this situation. Patches will often fail to remain properly adhered to the surface. Leak-sealing solutions will also be ineffective because the flow of seepage will push them away from areas of concern.

Other Ways To Stop Groundwater Seepage

Many online sources recommend installing a liner in your pool to stop groundwater seepage. This is a temporary fix that will prevent water from getting inside your pool, but it does not protect the outer shell of your pool from further water-based deterioration.

This method will also lead to uneven surface texture, as pockets of water and debris will form between your pool’s shell and the new lining. If the underlying issues are not treated, your new liner will only lay flat for a short while before these issues begin to develop.

Professional Help For Groundwater Seepage in Pool

It is best to seek professional help for groundwater seepage in a pool. Professionals will be able to find the best way to repair your pool specifically, which can be dependent on factors like the age of your pool, the material it is made out of, and the soil composition of your yard.

Even liner installation is best done by professionals in cases of groundwater seepage. These experienced technicians will take time to make minor repairs to the shell of your pool before installing a new lining, making these repairs more effective and long-lasting.


Groundwater seepage is a serious issue that indicates when the structural integrity of your pool is failing. Not only will this condition prevent you from maintaining clean and clear water, but it can also lead to the further decline of your pool when left unattended.

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