Pebblecrete Pool Repair Kit

Pebblecrete Pool Repair Kit Australia - Where To Buy Them?

Pebblecrete pools are known to be friendly to DIY repairs and patchwork.

The repair process for pebblecrete surfaces isn’t too complicated, so even those new to working with concrete mixes can complete these repairs. To make it easier for you, we’ve made a list of stores that sell pebblecrete repair kits!

Where To Buy Pebblecrete Pool Repair Kits In Australia

Pebblecrete is composed of small pebbles and cement. Sometimes, these types of cement contain an epoxy or resin-like material to improve the waterproof qualities of the surface.

Pebblecrete mix can be made at home by selecting pebbles that match your existing pool interior and blending them in an appropriate ratio with your water-tight cement.

In some cases, it can be easier to buy a pebblecrete pool repair kit than to purchase all of the elements for your project separately. Here are some retailers that offer selections of pebblecrete pool repair kits.


Pebblekits offer six varieties of complete pebblecrete mixes. They come in different colours ranging from gold, brown, and natural white, and mixes with incorporated blue or black glass beads are also available.

This store mainly offers pebbles in the standard size of 3mm average diameter as this size of pebble is most common for pool surfacing.

Sydney Landscape Supplies

Sydney Landscape Supplies is a division of BC Sands with two locations in New South Wales centred in Taren Point and Brookvale.

You can also order pebble-mix kits supplied by this retailer online. Their selection includes five varieties of pebbles, including different colour options such as natural white, blue beads, and more natural colours.


FishPond is an online Australian retailer of Pool Patch, a manufacturing company that provides a wide range of pool repair products. One of their top-rated products is a naturally-hued, pebble-tec mix that can be used for DIY projects.


StoneSet is a retailer of landscaping supplies. They carry a few options for small stone resurfacing kits that contain pebbles ranging from 2-4mm in diameter.

Along with their selection of complete pebble resurfacing kits, they can also provide bags of loose pebbles for your projects.


Pool Patch branded pebble-tec repair kits can also be purchased from Amazon.


Pebblecrete surfaces are fairly easy to repair. Sometimes, it can be more difficult to source a pebblecrete mix than it is to repair your pool!

While you can always purchase pebbles and pool-friendly cement independently, some retailers offer complete resurfacing kits to help streamline your project.

Do you have any questions about where to buy pebblecrete in Australia? Leave any additional questions you may have down in the comment section; we’d love to help!

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