Pool Boundary Fence Regulations NSW

Pool Boundary Fence Regulations NSW - What Are They? [List]

Pool fencing is a necessary structure when you own a pool that serves to keep both unsupervised children and animals away from the water.

In order to prevent deaths by accidental drowning, it is essential to make sure your pool’s fence meets all necessary requirements, including the portions of it that are a boundary fence.

In this article, we will discuss the pool safety fencing regulations that apply to boundary fencing in New South Wales.

Can A Boundary Fence Be Used As A Pool Fence?

In New South Wales, boundary fences are permissible as pool fencing so long as it meets the necessary requirements for pool fencing safety standards. Unique standards are in place for boundary fences specifically, so be sure to keep these details in mind.

Otherwise, using an existing boundary fence as a pool barrier can be a great way to save you time and money when finishing the fencing component of your pool.

What Regulations Are Imposed On Boundary Fences As Pool Fences?

Fence Height

Boundary fences that are used as part of a pool fence are required to be taller than the rest of your pool’s fencing. The minimum height for boundary fences used as pool fencing is 1.8 metres from ground level, compared to 1.2 metres for non-boundary fences.


Fences must be non-climbable in design, and they must also not have any structures nearby that allow for the fences to be bypassed by climbing. This may include trees, landscaping elements, outdoor furniture, etc.

The non-climbable zone extends 90 cm outwards from either side of your pool’s fence. This distance is the same for boundary fences used as pool fencing.

Fencing Gaps

You may not have gaps underneath your fencing that are larger than 100 mm. You may also not have any gaps within your fencing, such as between panels or bars, that exceed 100 mm in any dimension.

Gate Requirements

Pool fences must have self-closing and self-latching gates that are inoperable by small children. These gates must be kept in working order so that they consistently close automatically when someone enters or exits the pool area.

Gates are not allowed to be installed on boundary fences used as pool fences. Access to your pool must only be through your property.


Property boundary fences can be used as pool barriers so long as they are complying with the guidelines set out in the New South Wales pool fencing safety standards.

Using boundary fencing as part of your pool’s fence can often save you money that would have otherwise gone to spare metres of fencing.

Do you have any questions about using a boundary fence as a pool fence in New South Wales? Let us know! We’d love to help answer any remaining queries you may have.

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