Pool Boundary Fence Regulations In QLD

Pool Boundary Fence Regulations In QLD - How Close Is OK?

If you are having a pool constructed, you already know that there are several different hoops you have to jump through along the way. Pool fencing is a vital component of your pool’s construction that helps to keep children and animals safe, but complying with regulations can still be a hassle.

If you are looking to save time and money when constructing your pool’s fence, you may be wondering: can a boundary fence be used as a pool fence?

In this article, we will discuss if boundary fencing can be used as part of your pool’s fence and what types of rules and regulations are imposed on this practice.

Can A Boundary Fence Be Used As A Pool Fence?

In Queensland, boundary-dividing fences can be used as pool barriers. This can be a convenient and cost-effective way to complete your pool barrier, but regulations must still be followed for this boundary fence.

What Regulations Are Imposed On Boundary Fences As Pool Fences?

The regulations imposed on boundary fences as pool fences are the same as those in place for typical pool boundaries.

These include regulations regarding fence height, non-climbable design features, the absence of climbable structures near the fence, and the presence of a self-closing and latching gate that cannot be easily operated by small children.

Pool fences in Queensland must reach at least 1200 mm off of the ground in all areas. This regulation applies to boundary fences used as pool fences.

Boundary fences, including adjoining or adjacent boundary fences that do not directly serve as a pool boundary, may not have climbable rails or posts.

There can be no structures within 900 mm of the base of these boundaries that allow the fences to be climbed or bypassed in any way. This includes small trees, hedges, bushes, or anything else a child may use to circumvent the barrier.

Gates cannot be added to a boundary fence. This would turn your pool into a shared pool rather than a single-family pool, and these require that different safety regulations and other standards be met.


Property boundary fences, sometimes called dividing fences, separate your yard from that of your neighbour. So long as this fence is in accordance with Queensland pool fencing safety standards, this fencing can be adapted as a portion of your pool’s fence.

Do you have any questions about using a boundary fence as a pool barrier? Leave us a comment down below! We’d love to help answer any remaining queries you may have.

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