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There's something special about taking a dip in a pool that's been around for over a century.

Spring Hill Baths, built in 1886, is Brisbane's oldest pool and a true icon for the city. This heritage-listed swimming pool is a place where you can revel in the old-world charm of classic changing rooms and grandstand seating.

It's easy to imagine the socialites and bathers of yesteryear enjoying the same space that you're in today. With its rich history and beautifully preserved heritage features, Spring Hill Baths is a must-visit spot for any lover of swimming and history.

Spring Hill Baths Opening Hours

Here are the opening hours for the Spring Hill Baths:

  • Monday: 6.30am-7pm
  • Tuesday: 6.30am-7pm
  • Wednesday: 6.30am-7pm
  • Thursday: 6.30am-7pm
  • Friday: 6.30am-6pm
  • Saturday: 8am-6pm
  • Sunday: 8am-6pm

Public Holidays: 9am-5pm Closed: Christmas Day

Spring Hill Baths Prices

Entry fees

  • Adults (15 years and over): $6.20
  • Child (two-14 years): $4.60
  • Concession $5.10
  • Non-swimming spectator: $2.50
  • Family pass: (one adult and two children): $13.30
  • Family pass: (two adults and two children): $18.90
  • Additional adult: $5.60
  • Additional child: $4

Multi-visit pass

  • 10 pass adult: $59
  • 10 pass child: $43
  • 10 pass concession: $48
  • 25 pass adult: $145
  • 25 pass child: $105
  • 25 pass concession: $117.50

Membership Local (Spring Hill Baths only)

  • My City Pass Local (swim/gym/GroupFit): $32 per fortnight

Membership Global (All City Aquatic and Health Club venues)

  • My City Pass Global (swim/gym/GroupFit): $37 per fortnight

Group fitness pass

  • 10 pass adult: $145
  • 10 pass child/Concession: $130
  • 25 pass adult: $290
  • 25 pass child/Concession: $275
  • Casual: $19

Springhill Swimming Pool Information

Spring Hill Baths offers a 25 yard (23.4m) enclosed pool that's heated for your comfort, making it the perfect spot for a relaxing dip or a low-impact workout. The pool is open all year round, so no matter what season it is, you can dive right in.

Plus, with the option for aqua aerobics, you can get your workout in while enjoying the warmth of the water.

Spring Hill Baths Classes

Spring Hill Baths swim classes include a Safer Start program that is specifically designed for babies, so you can rest assured that your little bundle of joy is in good hands.

But what about slightly older children who haven't had any swimming lessons yet? Don't worry, the New Start program will make sure your child gets the necessary introduction to swimming they need.

As your child progresses, they can move on to the Safer Kids level, where they'll start learning important paddling and water safety skills in a fun and engaging way. And for those advanced kids who are already confident swimmers, there's the Safer Swimmers program.

There is also a variety of group fitness classes offered for adults. From high-intensity interval training to yoga and everything in between, these classes are designed to help you get in shape, boost your energy levels, and feel your best.


At Spring Hill Baths, you'll find everything you need for a day of swimming and relaxation. Need a snack or refreshment? Check out the convenient kiosk for tasty treats and icy drinks.

Street parking ensures that you can easily find a spot to unload your gear and get settled in.

And when it's time to change into your swimsuit, you'll love the classic changing rooms that offer privacy and comfort. For those who prefer to spectate rather than swim, there's even grandstand seating available to watch the action from a comfortable vantage point.

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A chemical engineer by trade, Louis is committed to debunking myths in the pool industry by explaining the underlying chemistry and making it accessible to all.