Where To Buy Pebblecrete In Australia

Where To Buy Pebblecrete In Australia? [Store List]

Pebblecrete is known to be a DIY-friendly swimming pool surface that can easily be patched and repaired as needed. Although patching pebblecrete surfaces is fairly straightforward, you may need some help sourcing the pebblecrete for use in your repairs!

In this article, we will discuss the most common retailers that you can buy pebblecrete from for DIY use in Australia.

Where To Buy Pebblecrete In Australia

Pebblecrete mix can be made yourself by selecting pebbles that match your existing pool interior and water-tight cement. Here are some retailers that offer selections of pebbles.

BC Sands - Building And Landscape Supplies

BC Sands offers a 20kg bag of golden-hued natural pebbles that range from 2-4mm in diameter.


This online retailer offers six varieties of complete pebblecrete mixes in different colours and pebble sizes so that you can find a comparable colour to your existing surface.

Sydney Landscape Supplies

Sydney Landscape Supplies is a division of BC Sands with retail locations in Taren Point and Brookvale. They offer five varieties of pebbles, including white, blue, and more natural colours. You can also order their pebble-mix kits online.


FishPond is an online Australian retailer of Pool Patch. Pool Patch is a company that provides a variety of pool repair products, including a naturally-hued pebble-tec mix that you can use for DIY projects.


This retailer of landscaping supplies carries a few options of small stone resurfacing kits that range from 2-4mm in diameter. StoneSet sells pebble resurfacing kits as well as bags of loose pebbles for your project.


If you’ve encountered issues with your pebblecrete pool, you’ll be pleased to know that you can do DIY patch jobs yourself.

In many cases, it can be more difficult to find appropriate pebblecrete than it is to actually repair your pool! Luckily, a variety of retailers are available that sell loose pebbles and selections of cement for your project.

Do you have any questions about where to buy pebblecrete in Australia? Leave any additional questions you may have down in the comment section; we’d love to help!

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