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Pool With Deck

Plungie pools are an Australian-made brand of pre-manufactured, precast concrete plunge pools.

If you are looking to invest in a plunge pool for your backyard, Plungie pools have four reliable designs available for you to choose from along with six different colour choices for the interior surface.

In this article, we will cover some frequently asked questions about Plungie brand pools to help you get a better idea of how these plunge pools vary from those produced by other manufacturers.

Site PreparationEarthworks necessary to prepare your backyard for a pool
InstallationComplete installation of your Plungie in your backyard
EquipmentSupply and install of pool equipment (pump, filter etc.)
PlumbingPiping connections from Plungie to pool equipment
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Pool Excavation

Site Preparation

We begin the site preparation process by carefully analysing your property to determine the best location for your pool.

Our team will then ensure that the area is free from any obstructions that may hinder the installation process. We will remove any debris, level the ground and ensure that the area is properly graded to prevent any issues with drainage.

Our skilled professionals will also work closely with you to ensure that all necessary permits and zoning requirements are in place before the installation process begins.

We understand that every property is unique, which is why we take a personalized approach to site preparation, making sure that we provide you with the best options for your specific location.

We can handle the entire installation process for your new pool
Pool Installation

Pool Installation

Once your Plungie pool arrives, we can crane it into position, then settle it on its foundations.

When all of your ancillary equipment has been installed (filter, chlorinator, pump etc.) we will plumb everything up, pressure test for leaks, then backfill earth and compact.

Finally, we will fill your pool with water and can assist with initial balancing of chemicals.

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Pool Filter

Pool Equipment

We understand that having the right equipment is crucial to maintaining a clean and safe pool, which is why we only supply equipment from trusted and reliable brands.

Our equipment range includes filters, pumps, chlorinators, and other pool accessories that are designed to keep your pool water crystal clear and free from harmful bacteria. We can help you choose the right equipment for your pool size and type.

We are also able to install all supplied pool equipment.

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It has been 3 months since my Plungie has been installed and I've been loving it! Install was a breeze thanks to these guys, the whole thing was and installed in a couple of days!
John Y
Heavy rain set up back a bit, but they made up for it by working double time once the ground had dried up enough. Thanks for the hard work!
Grant R
After hearing horror stories from some friends about their pool build, we were a little apprehensive to get our own pool, but I'm really glad we did. Plungies are so much easier than regular concrete pools, and install was easy.
Dan D

Plungie Pool FAQ

What Materials Are Used To Make Plungie Pools And How Do They Differ From Other Pool Brands?

Plungie brand pools are precast, prefabricated concrete pool shells that are transported to your property in one piece for installation. Along with being cheaper than other pool brands, Plungies also have a shorter installation time than other prefabricated pools.

What Are The Different Types Of Plungie Pools Available And What Are Their Unique Features?

Plungie pools are currently available in four main designs: the arena, studio, original, and max.

The Arena is a circular pool that is 3.5 metres in diameter and 1.59 metres in depth at the lowest point. This pool design features 3.2 square metres of bench space and has a volume of 9,150 litres.

The Studio is a rectangular pool that is 3.6 x 2.2 metres in area, with an internal depth of 2.02 metres. This pool features 2 square metres of bench space and has a volume of 8,000 litres.

The Original is another rectangular pool that is 4.6 x 2.5 metres in area with an internal depth of 2.32 metres at the lowest point. This pool features 2.2 square metres of bench space and is significantly larger than the previous two options with a volume of 14,000 litres.

The Max is similar to the Original but is even larger still, with 6 x 3 metres of area and an internal depth of 2.82 metres. This pool features 4 square metres of bench space and has the biggest maximum capacity yet with a total volume of 20,100 litres of water.

What Is The Warranty For A Plungie Pool And What Kind Of After-Sales Support Is Provided?

Plungie pools come with a 10-year structural warranty and also include installation support for homeowners or construction companies.

This support includes comprehensive, pre-engineered installation solutions, how-to documentation, and instructional videos to assist you or your builder with the installation of your Plungie pool.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Plungie Pool In Brisbane?

Each model has a different price point relative to the size of the pool.

The Arena Plungie costs $17,500, the Studio costs $17,750, the Original Plungie will run you $20,990, and the Max has a price tag of $27,750.

These prices are for the pool shells only and do not include equipment such as filtration units, pumps, heaters, or chlorinators. These prices also do not include installation.

According to the official website, the cost of installing a pool is always site and project specific. This means that it can take a lot of work to come up with accurate price estimates regarding the installation of your Plungie pool.

To have your pool installed, you will typically need to contract a crane company as well as a team of earthworks and excavation specialists.

In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2,700-$8,300 to have your Plungie pool installed in Brisbane.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Plungie Pool?

Plungie pools pride themselves on being easy to install. Rather than waiting for weeks to have a new pool you can enjoy, with a Plungie pool, installation typically only takes a few short days!


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