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Pool Cover

Pool covers are an extremely helpful piece of equipment that are often overlooked.

These handy covers come in all kinds of varieties and can help to keep your pool clean, trap in your water's heat, and lower your maintenance costs.

We are Brisbane's premier pool cover supplier and installer, with years of experience in installing covers on pools of all types, shapes and sizes.

Above & IngroundVersatile pool covers for all pools
All Pool ShapesKidney, rectangular and oval pool covers
Leaf CoversStop plant matter getting into the pool
Solar CoversReduce energy bills and keep your pool warm
We can fit pool covers to any pool in South East Queensland
Solar Pool Cover

Solar Covers

Our solar covers are designed to reduce heat loss and prevent evaporation, which leads to significant energy savings.

Not only do they help you save money on your energy bills, but they also help to extend the swimming season by keeping your pool warmer for longer.

You can choose from a variety of materials and sizes to suit your pool.

With Brisbane's most trusted solar cover installation service, you can enjoy a more energy-efficient and cost-effective swimming pool.

We offer solar, leaf, safety and winterisation covers
Pool Cover Roller

Cover Rollers

Our premium cover rollers are designed to make it easy to cover and uncover your pool. They also help to extend the life of your pool cover by reducing wear and tear and keeping it in good nick.

You can choose from regular cover rollers, and rollers that are built into bench seating, which means that the space taken up by the roller isn't wasted.

All of our covers can be combined with a roller for ease of use
Shutter Cover

Shutter Cover

Our shutter covers are designed to provide maximum safety and security for your pool, while also keeping debris and leaves out of the water.

They are highly durable and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, ensuring that your pool remains protected year-round.

Why Choose Us?

Free QuoteA detailed inspection and free quote for all jobs
Clean EnvironmentWe maintain a clean and safe work environment
Simple PricingStraightforward pricing and invoices - no bill shock
CommunicationWe communicate and take feedback from you as the job progresses


A top quality job by these guys. They gave me a simple quote and stuck to the price. I'm very happy with the finished job, it looks great!
Anash R
Love the new cover roller! Now it isn't a massive pain try to cover and uncover my pool all the time. Thanks guys!
Tim P
A bit of confusion at first, but once these guys got stuck into the job they were fast. I've got a beautiful solar cover now and am keen to see the savings on my next power bill!
Gary D

Pool Cover FAQ

What Are The Different Types Of Pool Covers Available?

There are four main categories of pool covers. These include mesh covers, thermal covers, solar blankets, and automatic rollers.

Mesh covers primarily function to keep debris out of the pool, while thermal covers work to keep heat trapped in your pool's water. Solar blankets are spread across the surface of a pool to help generate and trap in heat from the sun, but are not very useful as debris barriers.

There are also automatic roller systems available for all types of pool covers. These gadgets assist you with covering and uncovering your pool more easily while also providing storage for your cover.

What Materials Are Used To Make Pool Covers?

Pool covers can be made out of a variety of materials, but most of them are made with different varieties of plastic. The most common three plastics used are vinyl, UV-stabilised polyethylene, and polypropylene.

I Have An Irregular Shaped Pool. Can I Still Use A Cover?

Yes, pool covers are available for irregularly shaped pools, but it may be difficult to find pre-made covers that fit your pool's specifications. In these cases, a cover can be manufactured by a supplier to fit your specific pool.

Sometimes, irregularly-shaped pools can be covered with a regular-shaped cover so long as the cover is large enough to suit the widest dimensions of the irregularly-shaped pool.

How Long Do Pool Covers Last?

Depending on the type of pool cover you have, the material it is composed of, and the quality of manufacturing it was produced with, you should expect most pool covers to last from 8-12 years.

Cheaper or thinner pool covers will have shorter lifespans, with the most budget-friendly options often only getting 3-5 years of longevity.

How Do Pool Covers Help To Keep The Pool Clean And Reduce Energy And Maintenance Costs?

Pool covers help to keep your pool clean by keeping airborne debris out of your pool. Most plant-based debris enters your pool because of the wind, and while your pool is covered none of it can reach your water.

Pool covers also drastically reduce your energy costs if you have a heated pool (whether solar, gas or heat pump powered). This is because covers for heated pools are designed to trap warmth from the water, reducing the need to generate more heat for the pool.

Pool covers also prevent evaporation, which is one of the leading causes of chemical deterioration. By keeping your pool covered while it is not in use, you can actually save money on pool maintenance chemicals such as chlorine.


Fill in our 28-second form and get a quote - job sorted!

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