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Is your pool in poor condition, in need of extensive repairs, or simply not being used enough to justify keeping it open? If this sounds like you, you may be in need of pool demolition and removal services.

In this article, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about the process and logistics of having a pool demolished and removed.

We also provide a list of pool removal and demolition providers in the Brisbane area to help you find the service provider that best fits your needs.

Brisbane Pool Removal & Demolition - Companies Near Me

Pool Removals Brisbane
4.3⭐ (6 reviews)
A-Team Earthmoving QLD
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Big Cut & Drill
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Pool Removal Brisbane

Pool Removals Brisbane

Pool Removals Brisbane
Address:8 Sevenoaks St, Alexandra Hills QLD 4161
Rating:4.3 (6 reviews)

Pool Removals Brisbane is a small family business with over 30 years of experience in construction and project management.

Serving the Brisbane, Bayside, and Gold Coast areas, this company has a history of providing quality pool demolition and removal for homeowners, landlords, builders, investment companies, and local councils.

A-Team Earthmoving QLD

A-Team Earthmoving QLD
Address:9 Enterprise Way Browns Plains QLD 4118

Coming from small beginnings in 1988, A-Team Earthmoving QLD features a competent and experienced team of machine operators and project managers.

This company serves Brisbane and all of South East Queensland with pool demolition and removal for domestic and commercial properties, and they also seek to be a one-call company with all of the gear and equipment needed to tackle your project.

Pool Demolition Brisbane

Big Cut & Drill

Big Cut & Drill

Big Cut & Drill is made up of pool demolition and removal experts with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Serving Brisbane from the Gold Coast through the Sunshine Coast, this company provides full or partial pool demolition services to commercial and residential properties in most of South East Queensland.

Reach out to this detail-oriented team today for personalised and transparent advice.

Pool Removal Cost Brisbane - How Much Is It?

For an inground pool in Brisbane that can be easily accessed by large demolition equipment, it can cost anywhere between $5,000-$15,000 to have your pool removed.

If your pool is larger than the average size of 50,000 litres, or if the site of your pool is difficult to access with large demolition equipment such as backhoes and dump trucks, the cost of removing your pool will increase.

For a detailed estimate, use our pool removal cost calculator.

Pool Removal & Demolition Brisbane FAQ

What Is Involved In Pool Removal Or Demolition?

To begin with, approval must be sought from the Brisbane City Council. See this guide on decommissioning a pool in Brisbane for more information. Once approval has been granted, the process can begin.

Pool removal involves destroying the structure of your pool and then removing all of the related rubble from your property. Afterward, the space left by your pool is typically filled in with quality topsoil or another material natural to your location.

Removal (also known as demolition) is different from having a swimming pool filled in. When you have a swimming pool filled in, the broken-down rubble of your pool is compacted into the ground rather than being removed from the site of the pool.

How Long Does It Take To Remove A Pool?

In general, it takes between 3-5 days to completely remove a pool and fill the space in with dirt. This time frame may vary if your pool is in a location that is difficult to access or if it is particularly large. This period can also vary based on the removal company that you contract.

How Do I Know If My Pool Is Suitable For Removal?

Most concrete and fibreglass swimming pools are suitable for full removal. The only restraints on this demolition process are those imposed by the size of your property, and even if large machinery cannot be used other approaches can still be taken to fully remove your pool.

What Is Done With The Leftover Debris And Materials After The Pool Is Removed?

Leftover debris and materials from your demolished pool will be transported off of your property to an appropriate disposal facility. The exact place it ends up is determined by the location of your home and Brisbane and Queensland regulations on the disposal of construction waste.

Will My Property Value Be Affected By Pool Removal?

Yes, removing your pool will affect your property value, but it’s not always as straightforward as saying that it improves or decreases it.

In general, if a swimming pool is well-maintained, structurally sound, and not of a significant age for its type, they typically _add _value to your property. If your pool meets these standards, you may actually be lowering your property value by having your pool removed.

If your pool is outdated, dilapidated, poorly maintained, or otherwise an eyesore, your property value can benefit greatly from having your pool removed. This is because most home buyers are typically not interested in buying homes with pools that could be labelled “fixer-uppers”.

Do I Have To Notify The Buyer About The Removed Pool When Selling My House?

Yes. It is required by law that home buyers are notified about any swimming pools that have been removed from the property. This is the case regardless of what pool removal method has been used to demolish your pool.

How Can I Use The Space Where My Pool Used To Be After It Has Been Removed?

After the complete demolition and removal of a pool, the space where your pool used to be can typically be repurposed, as long as no new structures are built there.

With pools that are only filled in and not removed entirely, land use regulations tend to entirely prohibit building on these sites as they almost always produce foundations that are not structurally sound.

Building on land where your pool used to be before having it removed entirely is typically more achievable, but you will still be subject to land use restrictions and construction approval.


Regardless of your reasons for closing your pool, having it fully demolished and removed often makes a much better choice than having it filled in.

Whether you chose to reach out to Pool Removals Brisbane with a history of providing quality pool demolition for a variety of clients, or are seeking a personalised and transparent experience like those offered by Big Cut & Drill, a competent service provider is available to help you complete your pool removal.

Do you have any questions about the pool removal process or pool removal providers in the Brisbane area? Reach out to us, we’d love to help!

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