Glass Pool Gate Sagging - How Do I Fix It?

Glass Pool Gate Sagging - How Do I Fix It?

Glass pool gates can be finicky due to the nature of the materials used in their construction. Although these pool gates are aesthetically pleasing, they can be more difficult to repair at home than other types of pool gate.

In this article, we will discuss the causes of glass pool gate sagging and steps that you can take to fix your gate.

Why Do Pool Gates Sag?

Sagging pool gates are typically caused by loose hinges or settled fencing posts.

Loose hinges can occur over time through normal use, but some things that cause them to loosen up faster include rusted or loose screws or setting heavy things on top of your gate.

Settling fencing posts can also contribute to loose pool gate hinges. If the posts that your gate is attached to have sunk into the soil, your gate will not line up properly. This causes it to sag initially, and can exacerbate issues with your gate’s hinges.

How To Fix Glass Pool Gate Sagging

Most glass pool gates that are sagging tend to be experiencing loose hinges. Below are some steps you can take to try to fix the hinges on your gate.

Tighten The Screws On The Hinge Plates

The plates of your pool gate’s hinges are the surfaces that allow them to attach securely to the gate and the supporting fence post.

To function as intended, the screws in these hinges should be tight enough to keep the plates of the hinges firmly pressed against the surfaces they attach to.

To tighten your pool’s gate screws, identify the type of screw and use an appropriate screwdriver to tighten them. When tightening the screws, gently lift the gate so that it is in its proper position. After you have tightened all of the hinges, your gate should sag less.

Evaluate The Hinges For Damage

If your glass pool gate is still sagging, inspect your gate’s hinges for damage. Because self-closing gates are mandatory in order to meet pool safety standards, it’s very likely that your gate is equipped with spring-loaded hinges.

Sometimes, spring-loaded hinges can fail internally. This happens when the spring inside them detaches, becomes loose, or gets stretched out.

One sign that your spring-loaded hinges may be malfunctioning is if you notice your gate closing slowly and with less force than when your gate was new.

If your hinges are tightly fastened but your glass pool gate still sags, you may need to replace your gate’s hinges.

Look For Signs Of Settled Fence Posts

Once you have evaluated your gate’s hinges for disrepair and damage, look for signs of settled fence posts. If your gate’s latch is becoming sticky or hard to open, take note of where the latch gets stuck.

If the gate side drags along the bottom of the latch, the fence post that the gate is mounted to may have sunk. If the gate catches against the top of the latch, the fence post that the latch is mounted to could have settled.

Contact A Professional Fencing Service

If you cannot remedy your sagging glass pool gate, no need to worry. Certain materials used in the construction of glass fencing and gates, including glass, aluminium, and steel, are hard to work with when you do not have professional training.

Luckily, experienced technicians are here to help. One option is to contact the company that you purchased your pool’s fencing from, especially if they also provided installation services. You can also often find local fence repair centres that will be able to make timely trips to your home.

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