Sliding Deck Pool Covers

Sliding Deck Pool Covers Australia - Load Bearing Options

There are many options available for you to keep debris out of your pool. If you have been researching pool covers, you may have stumbled upon sliding deck pool covers. These covers are unique when compared to other pool covers, but what is it that sets them apart?

In this article, we will talk about what a sliding deck pool cover is, including how they work, if they are load-bearing, and how much they cost. We will also lay out some of the pros and cons of having a sliding deck pool cover in order to help you make the best decision for your situation.

What Is A Sliding Deck Pool Cover?

Sliding deck pool covers are load-bearing platforms that roll along tracks so that they can cover and uncover your pool. They are usually operated automatically, allowing you to open or close your pool at the push of a button.

This unique pool accessory is considered a deck rather than a mere cover. This is because a sliding deck pool cover is capable of being used as patio space whether it is currently covering the pool or not. Many homeowners put outdoor furniture on top of their sliding deck pool covers.

Are They Load Bearing?

They can typically support the weight of many people. That being said, each load-bearing pool cover in Australia will have a maximum weight limit that depends on its construction quality and materials.

You should always comply with these weight limits as cautioned. Complete collapses of sliding pool deck covers are very rare, but by exceeding the load limit you will put excess strain on the mechanics of the deck, causing certain elements to wear out faster.

Cost Of Sliding Deck Pool Covers

Sliding deck pool covers in Australia tend to cost between $25,000-$75,000+. In addition to being permanent, load-bearing structures that lock in place to prevent unwanted access to your pool, these covers are often operated automatically.

This automatic operation is one of the primary factors that contribute to the premium price point.

Pros & Cons Of Sliding Deck Pool Covers



This pool cover option prevents unwanted access to your pool by locking itself in place when your pool is not in use.


Because sliding deck pool covers can support weight, they can be used fully as pool decking by serving as a place for chairs, sunbeds, or other outdoor furniture like pool umbrellas.

This creates extra usable outdoor space that would otherwise be wasted when the pool is not in use.


Compared to other types of pool covers that can keep debris out of your pool, sliding deck pool covers are much more aesthetically pleasing. They are also somewhat customisable, allowing you to match your existing pool landscaping in many cases.

Maintain Chemicals

This pool cover functions like others in order to keep the intense rays of the sun off of your pool.

This prevents the evaporation of pool water due to excess heat and also keeps other pool chemicals from breaking down in the sun, saving you money on chemicals in the long run.



Sliding deck pool covers are so expensive that they may rival the original cost of your swimming pool!

The price range for them can vary depending on the features you require, so it’s important to contact a builder to discuss options and a quote if you are considering one.


While this type of pool cover is great at serving as a multi-purpose outdoor space, it can have some drawbacks when compared to an actual pool cover

Sliding deck pool covers are not always as good at keeping small debris and rainwater out of your pool as other options.


Because they are mechanical in nature, sliding deck pool covers are prone to needing repairs and regular maintenance. This must typically be performed by a professional who is familiar with these decks.

Not For Large Pools

Sliding deck pool covers tend to be for small to mid-sized pools only. This is because these structures lose the ability to support weight as effectively the larger they are in area.


Sliding deck pool covers make a great pool cover option for allowing you to enjoy more outdoor space. The main drawback of this luxury product is that it has an equally luxurious price point that makes it unaffordable to many.

Do you have any questions about sliding deck pool covers? Get in touch with the contact section, we’d love to help answer any remaining queries you may have!

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