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Swimming Pool Renovations Brisbane (Concrete & Fibreglass)

Do you have an old, worn-out pool that has long been neglected? Your pool may have leaks, faulty equipment, or a crumbling interior, making it less-than-appealing for your family and friends. If any of this sounds familiar, you may be in need of a swimming pool renovation.

In this article, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about pool renovations so you can begin this process better informed.

We also include a list of competent specialists and builders in the Brisbane area to help you find the right team to tackle whatever ideas you may have in mind for renovating your swimming pool.

Pool Renovations Brisbane - Companies Near Me

Concrete Pool Renovation
4.5⭐ (31 reviews)
Malastone Pool Renovations
4.8⭐ (20 reviews)
Pool Renovation Company
3.6⭐ (14 reviews)
Nu-Look Pools Brisbane Qld
4.9⭐ (12 reviews)
Just Swimming Pool Renovations
5⭐ (7 reviews)

Pool Renovation Brisbane Northside

Concrete Pool Renovation

Concrete Pool Renovation
Address:Brisbane City, QLD 4000
Rating:4.5 (31 reviews)

Concrete Pool Renovation consists of a team of passionate, industry-oriented professionals providing service to the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas. Specialising in repairs for all types of concrete pools, this business aims to be your one-stop shop for beautiful and affordable pool renovations.

CPR, as they call themselves, offer a variety of pool resurfacing options to repair any cracks or damage in your surface. They can handle pebblecrete, glass bead finish, fully tiled, and even marble pool interiors.

Whether your pool needs serious repairs made or you are interested in making cost-effective renovations to rejuvenate your outdoor space, Concrete Pool Renovation can make it happen.

Pool Renovation Company

Pool Renovation Company
Address:Level 6/140 Creek St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
Rating:3.6 (14 reviews)

Pool Renovation Company, a family-owned and operated business, has been servicing Brisbane and the South East Queensland area for over 30 years. Their expertise lies in revamping worn-out and outdated concrete swimming pools, offering a wide range of services from surface repairs to the installation of new features.

Their services include resealing, pebblecrete resurfacing, coping repairs, tiling, and overall concrete pool renovations. With their industry expertise and a family-oriented team, they can transform your old pool into a new-looking one.

This team also offers pool additions, including spas, heat pumps, steps, tanning benches, pool covers, and LED lighting options, as well as new equipment like pumps and filters.

With many options to choose from, Pool Renovation Company makes a great choice for those looking to improve their experience of their outdoor space.

Just Swimming Pool Renovations

Address:17-19 Arrowfield Ct, Wamuran QLD 4512
Rating:5 (7 reviews)

Just Swimming Pool Renovations is an expert pool renovation company with over 50 years of combined experience in pool renovations.

Serving the Caboolture area and beyond, this business specialises in complete swimming pool transformations plus affordable and professional installation of pebblecrete and glass bead interiors.

With a full range of services that includes resurfacing old pools and replacing coping, this dedicated team can also help with the installation of waterline tiles and new water features.

They also deal with the replacement of old equipment, such as vinyl interiors, pump units, filters, filter media, chlorinators, and automated pool cleaners.

This team operates without hiring subcontractors, ensuring that your pool gets high quality, experienced craftsmanship during the renovation process.

Pool Renovation Brisbane Southside

MPR Malastone Pool Renovations

Address:11 Uther St, Carindale QLD 4152
Rating:4.8 (20 reviews)

A top choice for pool restoration in Brisbane, Malastone Pool Renovations is a father-and-son team that has been servicing clients in the South East Queensland area for over 40 years.

Specialising in the renovation and repair of all types of pools including vinyl-lined pools, this business has also taken on high-profile resort jobs on nearby islands.

Offering obligation-free quotes, this highly-experienced duo can provide repairs, renovations, and full replacement parts for vinyl liners, as well as the removal of and installation of new pebblecrete, beadcrete, or fully tiled surfaces in concrete pools.

Offering replacement skimmer boxes, pool coping, waterline tiling, ladders, handrails, pumps, filtration systems, chlorinators, and pool lighting options, the services offered by MPR go way further than state-of-the-art leak detection and repair.

Nu-Look Pools Brisbane QLD

Address:Brisbane QLD 4129
Rating:4.9 (12 reviews)

For over 2 decades, Nu-Look Pools has been providing pool building and servicing in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area.

Their team consists of skilled professionals specialising in designing and constructing residential and commercial swimming pools, all while striving to maintain superior quality at a reasonable price to meet their customer’s budget.

This company specialises in pool renovations, the design and construction of new pools, pool fencing, and pool interiors, including pebblecrete, beadcrete, tiled pools, and more.

They can also help you out with the purchase and installation of new equipment, including filter systems, pumps, heaters, chlorinators, solar panels, pipes, fittings, and more.

This company prides itself on structural integrity and building high-quality environments to surround your pool. At Nu-Look pools, their dedicated service team will ensure that you are not only investing in your property, but also in your lifestyle.

Check out their photo gallery of past jobs for inspiration.

Concrete & Fibreglass Pool Renovation Brisbane FAQs

Can I Renovate Or Restore An Old Pool?

Yes, many old, dated pools can be renovated or restored back to their former glory. However, you should keep in mind that renovations and restorations are unlikely to address any major structural problems with your pool.

If you have a pool that is well past the typical lifespan for its type, it may be better to consider having your pool rebuilt rather than repaired.

If you are unsure whether or not renovating or restoring your old pool is a good idea, we recommend getting in contact with a team of pool professionals.

These service providers will often be able to visit your pool and inspect it firsthand, allowing them to give you more accurate estimates regarding whether or not your pool can be renovated or just needs to be replaced. Most companies offer obligation-free quotes.

Can You Reshape An Existing Pool?

Yes, you can reshape an existing pool. This is typically only possible with concrete pools, as fibreglass pools are manufactured off-site and dropped into place in your backyard.

Concrete pools are fairly easy for qualified professionals to reshape, and you may even be able to add additional areas or features.

Can An Inground Pool Be Modified?

Yes, inground pools can be modified so long as they are primarily composed of a concrete structure.

Fibreglass pools can also be modified, but the changes you can make are likely to be limited and much more expensive depending on the materials that your fibreglass pool is composed of.

How Much Does A Pool Renovation Cost?

The cost of pool renovations can vary depending on what type of work you are wanting to have done. For the most accurate price estimates, you should speak to a service provider, as many companies are willing to offer obligation-free quotes.

In general, it costs between $10,000-$50,000 to renovate a pool in Australia.

How Long Does A Pool Renovation Take?

The length of a pool renovation is typically 4-8 weeks. This period can vary depending on what renovations you are having performed, the size of the team working on your pool, and any weather conditions that may affect working schedules.

Can I Renovate My Pool Myself Or Should I Hire A Professional?

In most cases, it is necessary to hire a professional to renovate your pool.

While small-scale repairs and certain types of resurfacing can often be performed by savvy DIYers, pool renovations often impact the overall structural integrity of your pool and should be left to qualified construction teams.

How Can I Make My Pool More Low Maintenance?

Some pool renovations that can make your pool more low maintenance include switching to a saltwater or mineral pool, upgrading your pump, installing a heating system, adding additional skimmer baskets, or introducing a pool cleaning robot.

How Do I Choose The Right Pool Renovation Contractor?

To choose the right pool renovation contractor, find a company that best suits your ideas for your pool and also has a good track record of performing renovations on your type of pool.

Ask the company for price quotes, time estimates, and whether or not they offer any warranties or guarantees on their work. You should also make sure the contractor you hire is fully licensed and insured.

Summary - Renovation Company Reviews

Pool renovations can make a tired, old pool feel decades newer. Restore feelings of tranquillity and luxury to your swimming experience by investing in a complete refurbishment and restoration.

If you have a concrete pool that needs some TLC, get in touch with the dedicated and experienced professionals at Concrete Pool Renovations for cost-effective Brisbane pool renovations.

Or, if you are looking to completely reinvent the experience of your pool and the area that surrounds it, reach out to the passionate and design-oriented team at Brisbane’s Nu-Look Pools.

Whatever your needs, there is a qualified team of skilled workers ready to make your renovation dreams a reality.

Do you have any questions about pool renovations in general, or do you want to know more about swimming pool renovations in Brisbane? Contact us, we’d love to help!

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